Journey through the Almbachklamm

Hike the wild water on Untersberg

Over thousands of years the Almbach has cut deep gorges into the bedrock. In 1894 Bavarian pioneers built a trail through the ravine, where it was necessary to build 320 steps, a tunnel, a path and 29 bridges to cover the drop of 200m between the Theresienklause and the end of the ravine.

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Up until 1963 wood was preferred. Because of this a 14m high damm wall was built to honour the bavarian Queen and was named the "Theresienklause". Behind this damm it was possible to hold back 15.000m³ of water, which with the opening of the gate the wood was flushed into the valley below.

The Almbachklamm can be viewed in combination with many other excursions.

  • Almbachklamm
  • ascent: 200 - 400 metres in altitude
  • difficulty: blue
  • starting point: Marktschellenberg