Hotel & Inn Untersberg House Chronicle

Traditional place at the foot of the Untersberg

1886 Oswald Ziegler built a station restoration at the planned terminus of the "Salzburger Lokalbahn". On 20.11.1886 the railway started its service up to the station "Drachenloch". The onward journey in the direction of Berchtesgaden and Königssee was by "horse-drawn buses"! After the death of Oswald Ziegler his widow Cäcilia Ziegler leased the restaurant and sold it afterwards. Owners and tenants changed more often
1939 Anton Ziegler bought the restoration back
1940 The company was confiscated and then served as a residential house until 1962
1961 When the Untersberg cable car commenced operation
1963 Anton and Johanna Ziegler converted the residential building into the "Cafe Untersberg
1973 Was the extension to the "Cafe-Pension-Untersberg" successful
1978 Eduard and Marianne Ziegler took over the business and developed it into the comfortable "Hotel-Cafe-Untersberg". In the same year their daughter Katharina was born.
1981  Eduard jun. was born and the family was complete
Both children were active in the business and so the beautiful traditional family business could be continued.
2013 The young innkeepers Eduard jun. and Julia expect offspring and with Franziska. the next "Ziegler generation" was born
2014 Eduard Ziegler jun. & Julia Pratter took over the company
2015 Birth of Edward IV - 2nd child of Edward and Julia
We are happy that our children are already living the company with their young years.