The Untersberg – Salzburg’s own mountain

A majestic mountain steeped in legends

The Untersberg is split between two countries. One side is Austrian and the other is German. At its highest, it reaches 1,972 m and you can explore it either on a hike or from the popular Untersbergbahn cable car right across from our hotel.

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The Untersbergbahn cable car...

  • ... runs every day (except for inspections in spring and autumn)
  • ... runs on the hour and half-past the hour, and in between according to demand
  • ... can be reached easily and comfortably via the bus routes 25 and 28, as well as by car via the Tauernautobahn motorway and Alpine roads

Precise running times and more detailed information about the Untersbergbahn cable car can be found at:

Mountain tours on the Untersberg
Mountain tours on the Untersberg

Crisp mountain tours to the highest Unterberg summit of the Austrian and German side starting.

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Hochthron climbing route

Impressive climb through the Untersberg east wall.

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Bike Tour Untersberg
Bike Tour Untersberg

Tour around the whole mountain.

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Ski mountaineering tour Untersberg

The tour on Salzburg´s landmark mountain.

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Myths and legends about the Untersberg mountain

One special feature about the Untersberg mountain is its many, inaccessible caves. This makes it one of the most legendary mountains. The many sites of spiritual energy on the Untersberg mountain, which can be sensed across the entire mountain area, are also famous.

In addition, there is also the well-known Untersberger marble, the formation and industrial use of which is highlighted in the nearby Untersberg museum.

Tie the knot against a gorgeous (cinematic) backdrop

Every year, around 300,000 fans come to Salzburg to visit the original setting of “The Sound of Music”. Film enthusiasts will recognise the Untersberg mountain as the backdrop and panorama view in the first scene. Lovestruck couples can say “I do” either on the terrace of the mountain station or at the summit cross at 1,853 m above sea level.

Drinking water and conservation area

Salzburg’s much-loved local mountain has also been declared a conservation area for drinking water, landscape and plants.