Hotel & Restaurant Untersberg Chronicle

Traditional place at the foot of the Untersberg

1886 Oswald Ziegler built at the station of the Salzburg-city-train call „the red elektrical“ a train station restaurant. From here the passengers changed to horse wagon to get to Berchtesgaden, Germany. After death of Oswald Ziegler his wife Cäcilia Ziegler sold the restaurant.
1939 Anton Ziegler bought the restaurant back.
1940 The house was confiscated.
1961 The cable car started.
1963 Anton and Johanna Ziegler built the house into a guesthouse.
1973 Enlargement of the guesthouse.
1978 Eduard and Marianne Ziegler took over the business and built the 4 star hotel.
2013 With Franziska the next “Ziegler”- generation was born.
since 2014 Eduard Ziegler jun. and Julia Pratter took over the business.
2015 Eduard IV. - the second child of Eduard and Julia was born.